Freezer Jam 2014 Final Update

Freezer Jam 2014 is upon us! Here you should find everything you need to know!

  1. Arriving to Ann Arbor and Freezer Jam
    1. Hotels are available here
    2. Free lodging is available here
    3. Freezer Jam is happening at the University of Michigan League and the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater (which is in the same building as the League)
  2. Parking
    1. We have reserved street parking for one equipment vehicle for each corps alongside the League on Fletcher Street between North University and Huron.
    2. Other vehicles may park for $5 at the Fletcher Street Parking Garage between North University and Huron. This structure is across the street from the League. Tell the attendant you are parking for Freezer Jam at the League.
    3. See this handy Parking and Eating map, too!
  3. Conference
    1. 7:00 am — Check-in begins
    2. 7:30 am — Breakfast (fruit, pastries, juice, coffee, tea) will be available at the League
    3. 8:00 am — Welcome and Session A (Same Tune/Different Corps)
    4. 9:00 am — Session B (Fife Yoga; Beat Smarter Not Harder: Improving Drum Practice; Using Digital Media to Improve Practice; Scottish Dancing; Irish Session Music; Guard; FDC Behind the Scenes; Tone Drumming)
    5. 10:30 am — Session C (Arranging Fife Melody Using Pentatonics; Arranging Awesome Drum Solos; Blow Smarter, Not Harder: Improving Fife Practice; Pipes; FDC Idol!; Marching;  Musicality for Fifers and Drummers)
    6. 12:00 pm — Lunch is at Buffalo Wild Wings across the street on State Street
    7. 1:30 pm — Stage time and Group Rehearsal
    8. 3:00 pm — Public Concert
    9. 6:30 pm– Dinner at Holiday Inn on Plymouth Road near US-23 (actual start time depending on the concert end)
  4. T-Shirts
    1. Official Limited Edition Commemorative Freezer Jam 2014 T-Shirts are available! You can buy them before the day of the event. T-Shirt sales directly support the conference!


Free Lodging

We are happy to announce that free lodging will be available for interested corps from 8pm Friday February 28th through 8am Sunday March 2nd. Email us at d3corps at gmail dot com for details on how to get to the site.

Freezer Jam T-Shirts

Freezer Jam shirts are now available in youth sizes (2t-10t) and adult sizes (S-XXXL). PO3845312-backyouthsmall PO3845312-frontyouth PO3845312-back PO3845312-front


You can order your own Freezer Jam T-Shirt today or pick one up at the event. Limited quantities are available, so place your order here to ensure you get the size you want: .

FDC Idol!

Have you signed up for FDC Idol! yet? We are offering $50 prizes (Amazon gift cards) for the winner of each category: Intermediate Fife, Experienced Fife, Intermediate Drum, Experienced Drum! There are 10 spots in each category, so sign up today!

Sign up:

Intermediate FifeIntermediate Drum

Experienced FifeExperienced Drum


  • Play 1 song of your choice (about 1 minute in length)
  • Play 1 song of our choice (FDC Idol! Music): Fifers play company version of “President Garfield’s Hornpipe” for Intermediate level, and the variation of “President Garfield’s Hornpipe” for experienced level; Drummers play
  • Otherwise, there are no restrictions (except that judges are excluded from competing 🙂


  • The judging panel includes current or former members of Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps, D3 Fife and Drum Corps, Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and Midnight Riders Fife and Drum Corps


  • We will ask the winners to play for us all when they collect their prize at dinner on Saturday night.

FDC Idol!

The D3 Fife and Drum Corps invites individuals to compete for best Freezer Jam Fifer and Drummer awards at Freezer Jam 2014. We will have some great prizes for the winners of each category, and we will invite each of the winners to play for us all at the end of the day.  To compete, click on the link below and choose a spot. There are only 10 spots for each category, so sign up as soon as your sure you want to compete!

Musicians should prepare two songs for a panel of judges at FJ’14, including (a) a song of the musician’s choice, and (b) the appropriate song listed below. You can get copies of the music here.

Intermediate: Company version of “President Garfield’s Hornpipe”
Experienced: D3FDC version of “President Garfield’s Hornpipe”

Intermediate: Williamsburg version of “Hey Johnnie Cope”
Experienced: D3FDC version of “Hey Johnnie Cope”

So what’s the difference between Intermediate and Experienced?

Area Hotels

There are a number of hotels in the Ann Arbor area. We’ve reserved rooms at two hotels on the north side of town for a discounted rate. Please let us know if you have any questions about lodging!

  • Holiday Inn, 3600 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI. ($109/room)
    734-769-9800. (If calling for reservations, mention “freezer jam 2014”)
    800-800-5560 – or use the Direct link to the discounted rooms
  • Microtel Inn & Suites, 3610 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI ($63-$83/room)
    734-997-9100. Call only for reservations.  Mention “freezer jam 2014”

These rates are good until February 14.